Where are the mod apk in HappyMod come from?
HappyMod provides upload function, you can upload your mod apk to HappyMod.
Why there do not have update in mod apk?
Mod apk is different from original apk, different mod was developed by different developer, so they can not update by each other. You have to re-download and install each version of the mod apk . And you may lose your game data during this process, becareful.
The mod apk get my account banned, what should I do?
First, we recommend you using mod with you google play account carefully, this is not the official one, it has the danger of get banned. Once you have banned, you have to register a new one.
Why the mod I requested not updated?
As we say before, different mod was developed by different developer, if there has no body develop or upload, then we can not provide this mod apk.
When HappyMod will release new vesion?
HappyMod wants to provide the fastest download speed and biggest mod apk database, once we have great idea on these, we will release new version, and you have to update your HappyMod to the latest version, or you will can no use it.