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Object Hunt Mod Apk 1.0.2 [Mod money]

Object Hunt Mod APK 1.0.2 [Mod money]

Object Hunt Mod APK Info
Title Object Hunt
Package id com.kwalee.objecthide
Version 1.0.2
Developer Kwalee Ltd
Size 81.89 MB
Category Casual
Object Hunt is a hide-and-seek action casual free mobile game launched by the famous game publisher Kwalee Ltd. Players will start a hide-and-seek game with a brand new experience in the game. All hidden players will transform into object in the scene to hide, waiting for the capture of the capture. Brand-new gameplay, diverse scenes, open settings, and interesting characters allow players to experience hilarious hide-and-seek mobile games.

Game Highlights

Object Hunt innovated the traditional hide-and-seek gameplay, creating a more funny and interesting new mode for players. Unlike the setting of hiding in the corner, the hiding person in the game will randomly turn into a object in the scene, find the best hiding place as soon as possible, let yourself blend in with the surrounding scene, and avoid being found and arrested. Randomly changing shapes, clever hidden options, and diverse scene changes bring players an endlessly interesting game experience. The game also provides various interesting skins and mysterious props for players to choose from.

Object Hunt Mod (free shopping) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Object Hunt is relatively simple but also very interesting. Each start will randomly place six players into a level. After randomly selecting a catcher, the other five will randomly transform into various scenes. Props, or tables and chairs, or toilets, or hangers, etc. After the transformation, the player needs to find the area that matches his transformation item as soon as possible to hide it. After all, placing the toilet in the office area will definitely be given priority to by the arrested. In addition, the player must also learn to hide properly. Some grumpy capturers can easily attack some of the surrounding props first.

Object Hunt Mod (free shopping) APK

Graphic and scene

The graphics of Object Hunt draws on the 3D art style of the simulation game. The game scene is bright overall, the colors are very elegant, and the realistic shape has a strong sense of substitution. After entering the game, the first thing that catches the player’s eyes is the real-world level scene. In order to create a realistic game experience for the player, a number of different styles of scenes are prepared in the game, and each scene is equipped with a wealth of props. The rich details are presented, which not only strengthens the player's sense of substitution, but also brings some small difficulties to the catchers.

Object Hunt Mod (free shopping) APK

Game reviews

From the actual experience, Object Hunt has made significant innovations on the basis of traditional hide-and-seek mobile games, completely solving the fixed problem of players in hiding problems, the characteristics of low concealment, and some players' ideas Some uncontrollable elements that appear too jumpy. With the help of the diversified setting of random change, the player’s interest is aroused through uncertainty, thereby attracting the player to continue the game, and then using the diversified scenes to guide the player to understand more about the changed items. Let players hide in the game more realistic and concealed, so as to better experience the fun of the game.

Object Hunt Mod (free shopping) APK

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