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Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman running game Mod Apk 2.14.13 [Mod money]

Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman running game Mod APK 2.14.13 [Mod money]

Nov 18, 2021

Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman running game Mod APK Info
Title Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman running game
Package id freeplay.crowdrun.com
Version 2.14.13
Developer Masterskaya Dk
Size 62.94 MB
Category Action
Count Masters is a stickman puzzle-themed action parkour free mobile game launched by Freeplay Inc. Players control a large number of stickmen in the game, experience various levers to expand the number of people in the level, and break through the parkour game that has many obstacles to reach the bottom of the level. The game perfectly combines puzzle gameplay with action gameplay, allowing players to calculate which lever to choose to obtain higher returns while parkour.

Game Highlights

Although Count Masters is not the first ultra-casual game that combines puzzles with other gameplay, it is indeed the first mobile game that combines puzzles with parkour. Bounce and collect released by Voodoo half a month ago has incorporated puzzle gameplay into the casual gameplay of bouncing ball, which not only makes the seemingly simple levels instantly difficult, but also greatly improves the player's sense of happiness and devotion. Compared with the similarly placed falling experience, the combination of the popular gameplay of parkour and the arithmetic puzzle operation will have a more profound impact.

Count Masters Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Count Masters can be described as a combination of hand and brain. Players need to control the stickman to move forward while choosing a route that maximizes the number of stickmen. Both avoiding various obstacles and choosing the best route must be guaranteed. Therefore, the player's ability to use hands, eyes, and brains is directly exercised. Simple operation, interesting gameplay, rich interaction, and settings for the simultaneous use of hands and brains , So that the seemingly simple parkour game experience is richer, and also the seemingly simple puzzle gameplay to play more roles.

Count Masters Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The graphics of Count Masters can be described as quite satisfactory. Bright scene design, simple character modeling, refreshing color matching, random color application and seemingly casual, but stressful gaming experience are all necessary to make players obsessed with it. condition. Of course, in addition to the common parkour gameplay, players will also encounter huge bosses of various shapes and mighty and majestic single-generation tall castles at the end of the level. Only by knocking down the boss can they pass the current level.

Count Masters Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game Reviews

The basic gameplay of Count Masters is no different from similar parkour mobile games, but with the addition of computing leverage, the game experience has been substantially improved. If a single parkour is too simple to set goals, it is easy to cause players to feel tired, then adding real-time computing demand fusion gameplay based on casual gameplay will have a much longer-lasting appeal to users, a typical 1+ Theoretical verification that 1 is greater than 2.

Count Masters Mod (unlimited money) APK

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