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Craftheim - Lumberjack Island Mod Apk 2.5.5 [Mod money]

Craftheim - Lumberjack Island Mod APK 2.5.5 [Mod money]

Craftheim - Lumberjack Island Mod APK Info
Title Craftheim - Lumberjack Island
Package id com.barsstudios.craftheim
Version 2.5.5
Developer Bars Studios
Size 57.68 MB
Category Simulation
Craftheim is an island-themed simulation management and construction free game launched by Casual Azur Games. In the game, players build houses with various functions by looking at collecting trees, build their own family farms on deserted islands, and create beautiful islands with rich products. In the game, players cut down trees, exchange for gold coins, upgrade houses, hire workers and other operations to build their own large island farms.

Game Highlights

Craftheim has many similarities with the previous simulation management mobile game Farm Land and the adventure survival mobile game Craft Island. On the one hand, the resource acquisition method in the game draws on the tree felling and gold coin exchange function in Craft Island, and the town construction planning has the color of Farm Land integrated into it. In addition, the overall content of the game effectively combines the above two. The pure tree-cutting gameplay with rich simulation management not only avoids the repeated operations of Craft Island to the dungeon, but also reduces the excessive variety of work in Farm Land. Worries that one has no time to take care of.

Craftheim Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

Craftheim's gameplay is very simple. In a nutshell, it is to cut trees, build houses, cut trees, exchange money, upgrade, open islands, cut trees, exchange money, upgrade, and recruit people. Simply put, by cutting down trees to build all kinds of necessary buildings, on the other hand, in exchange for gold coins to improve the efficiency of felling. In addition, when the player increases the level of the building, he can also go to the new island to chop down trees of higher value.

Craftheim Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The graphics of Craftheim continue the style of Farm Land, with rounded shapes and strong cartoons, which are accepted by most players of the age. The simple color scheme, cartoon characters, and interesting gameplay give this rich content but very simple gameplay a refreshing visual effect. Of course, if you like the tough pixel style of "Block Breaker Miner", just treat it as I haven't said it. By the way, in order to increase the entertainment of the game and increase the revenue of the manufacturers, the game also provides many character skins, including the shape of a straw hat. Of course, these skins need to be obtained through high gold coins or watching advertisements.

Craftheim Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game Reviews

Craftheim is a patchwork simulation management and construction mobile game, but from the content point of view, it does integrate some of the advantages of the above two games and has obtained good feedback; but because of the excessively frequent advertising pop-ups, it greatly affects the players' games. Experience, and the advertising button at the bottom that cannot be closed for a long time, to a certain extent, also has a bad impact on the overall visual effect of the game. Therefore, the game has been greatly criticized by players on the Google Play Store.

Craftheim Mod (unlimited money) APK

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