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Drag Battle 2: Race Wars Mod Apk 0.98.25 [Mod money]

Drag Battle 2: Race Wars Mod APK 0.98.25 [Mod money]

Drag Battle 2: Race Wars Mod APK Info
Title Drag Battle 2: Race Wars
Package id com.IceStorm.DB2
Version 0.98.25
Developer Ice Storm
Size 135.44 MB
Category Racing
Drag Battle 2 is a racing racing game with very realistic graphics. The game has a modification system and a custom painting system. Players can freely design their own vehicles in the Drag Battle 2 game. There are a variety of racing accessories for players to choose from. Different accessories can increase the performance of the car differently. Players need to add accessories selectively to make the car have a great driving feel while having strong performance.

Game Highlights

The feature of Drag Battle 2 is that there are hundreds of styles of racing cars in the game, and many high-profile racing cars need to be unlocked by completing corresponding tasks. When driving these cars, the player can switch the perspective to the first perspective, which is more realistic and has a stronger sense of substitution.

Drag Battle 2 Mod (no ads) APK

Featured Gameplay

In the Drag Battle 2 game, players can show off their car skills on the track, drift freely to show their skills, so that they can surpass their opponents more easily. If the player completes the task on time, he will be able to get the most generous rewards and upgrade his level to become the strongest racer; the player can drive his favorite car to enjoy the joy of speed racing and show his strength in different scenarios. The more powerful you are, the easier it is to complete the task. The game system is prepared for all racers. You can unlock all kinds of different cars at will. Try each sports car to see the advanced ones.

Drag Battle 2 Mod (no ads) APK

Game Reviews

The Drag Battle 2 game is a very cool racing game. There are over 22 luxury car brands in the game, and 45 carefully selected vehicles for players to choose from. Feel the speed and speed that speed brings you. Passion. The game's first-class control system, in the driving position, you can also observe the real-time vehicle speed and each time, the interface design is simple and clear. This is a racing masterpiece. The ultra-realistic picture quality creates an immersive game experience for players and simulates real racing gameplay. The authentically authorized landmark track, the world's famous racing resort is just to give you the most authentic racing experience and restore the fun of racing itself to the greatest extent. Players can customize the appearance of the car independently, you can make changes to the color of your car, there are more than 30 colors for you to choose, all kinds of pure mix and match everything.

Drag Battle 2 Mod (no ads) APK

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