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Captain TNT Mod Apk 1.3.42 [Mod money]

Captain TNT Mod APK 1.3.42 [Mod money]

Captain TNT Mod APK Info
Title Captain TNT
Package id com.feelnside.explodeme
Version 1.3.42
Developer Feelnside Games
Size 78.86 MB
Category Simulation
Captain TNT is a casual free mobile game with the theme of blasting houses launched by VOODOO. Players play as alternative demolition workers in the game, using the power of red detonators to carry out various demolition activities, from simple offices to various styles of residential houses, to office buildings, you will encounter different styles of characteristic buildings from all over the world and personally Destroy it.

Game Highlights

Captain TNT is a realistic style of decompression casual mobile game. It has many similarities with the previously released explosive theme mobile game Demolish!. Compared with it, this game is more realistic on the screen and uses the same attack method. More grounded. Players can use the red detonator to carry out blow-up operations, and use explosives with limited power to blow up various buildings with a realistic experience. The realistic painting style in the game has the pleasure of bringing users a real game experience, and the rich and diverse buildings allow you to get a diverse decompression experience. As a casual and uncompressed mobile game with explosive themes, the emergence of Captain TNT not only allows players to have a channel for venting, but also enriches the types of games.

Captain TNT Mod (unlocked) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Captain TNT is very simple. In each level, a complete building will appear, either an office, a residential building, or a mansion. What the player has to do is to launch various types of explosives and destroy them. The explosives that players can use include detonators, missiles and other tools, and the method of explosion is also up to the player to choose. That is, you can choose a full-scale blasting from top to bottom, or you can attack from the bottom to destroy the foundation of the building, and the tenure will collapse on its own to win.

Captain TNT Mod (unlocked) APK

Graphic and Sound

The picture of Captain TNT is vivid and delicate, and each building is presented to the player in a realistic three-dimensional shape. The rich and varied explosives and the realistic bursting effect bring a clear game experience to the players, as if they were destroying the house with explosives in their hands. All explosives in the game can be thrown on the wall, and although all the explosive effects are as simple as possible, they also provide a very eye-catching bright effect.

Captain TNT Mod (unlocked) APK

Game reviews

Captain TNT provides players with a realistic and relaxing leisure experience. It is a brand new attempt to vent stress and consume energy. Realistic explosive effects, simulated physical experience, and brand-new game modes give players an alternative decompression pleasure. Maybe there are not many players who like this game, but there will be some players who are really interested in the game.

Captain TNT Mod (unlocked) APK

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