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Hero VS Criminal Mod Apk 0.13 [Mod money]

Hero VS Criminal Mod APK 0.13 [Mod money]

Hero VS Criminal Mod APK Info
Title Hero VS Criminal
Package id com.radpirates.herovscriminal
Version 0.13
Developer Radpirates
Size 31M
Category Arcade

Unlimited gems on Hero VS Criminal Mod Game

Hero VS Criminal is a recently released road parkour game. You will play the Flash to arrest criminals who are running away. In the game, you need to avoid various vehicles. When you are not speeding up to chase criminals, you have a shield on your body. When you want to speed up the sprint, you need to hold down the screen to control the direction. At this time, the back shield on your body will disappear. Once you are hit by a car, you will lose a life. At the beginning of each level, you have 3 lives. You need to catch all the criminals before the game is over. Once you have 3 lives and the criminals have not been caught, the game is over. In this game, you can get diamond rewards. You can use diamonds Go to unlock some skins. However, diamonds are not easy to obtain. You can download Hero VS Criminal Mod. You will get unlimited diamonds. You can unlock some skins for free.

Hero VS Criminal Mod (unlimited money) APK

Hero VS Criminal Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game Features of Hero VS Criminal

- Swipe left and right to avoid the other vehicles
- Lift your finger up to protect yourself
- Get close enough to the criminals to catch them!
- Hours of addictive gameplay
- Special levels including special bosses
- Dozens of skins to unlock

Hero VS Criminal Mod (unlimited money) APK

Hero VS Criminal Mod (unlimited money) APK

Mod Features:

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