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Ninja Hands Mod Apk 0.1.24 [Mod money]

Ninja Hands Mod APK 0.1.24 [Mod money]

Ninja Hands Mod APK Info
Title Ninja Hands
Package id com.YsoCorp.NinjaHands
Version 0.1.24
Developer Yso Corp
Size 76.45 MB
Category Action
Ninja Hands is a ninja-themed action shooting free game launched by Yso Corp. Players play the role of a ninja with superb ninjutsu in the game, and use various knots to generate ninjutsu with different attributes and offensive powers to kill the enemy. With the opening of the level, the way of knot printing will increase, and various powerful ninjutsu will be opened.

Game Highlights

Ninja Hands is a first-person shooting casual mobile game that is exactly the same as Elemental Master, Tape Thrower and other games in core gameplay. The battle method in the game has been transformed into the ninja knot printing method in popular animation, allowing players to generate various ninjutsu attacks through knot printing in different sequences, bringing players a brand-new gaming experience. Various types of ninjutsu, such as attacking, shrinking and growing, and charm and provocation are all available.

Ninja Hands Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Ninja Hands is rich and varied. The game provides up to four gesture combinations for combat. Each gesture combination will present a corresponding ninjutsu, from basic flames, lightning strikes, freezing to changes, zooms, and charms. Wait, it can be said that everything is as complete as it is like leading the player to the world of Hokage. Although there is no specific ninjutsu comparison table given in the game, players can still make up a complete set of knot printing strategies by means of exploration and experimentation.

Ninja Hands Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

Compared with similar games, the art of Ninja Hands is slightly cartoonish and cute. The characters in the game adopt the ratio of two heads. In addition to simple facial expressions, they also have a cartoonish design style. Perhaps in order to make the player's experience more realistic, the hands of the player controlling the character in the game also wear realistic ninja gloves. The action of Jieyin also refers to the hand shape in a popular animation, and strives to make the player's experience more realistic.

Ninja Hands Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game Reviews

The biggest highlight of Ninja Hands is the rich and versatile ninjutsu combination. Compared with similar games such as bows and arrows, super powers and other attack methods, the rich attack methods are not unique, but they are presented with the help of Jieyin’s ninjutsu methods. But it is also eye-catching. Become a unique gaming experience.

Ninja Hands Mod (unlimited money) APK

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