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Odd Bot Out Mod Apk  [Mod money]

Odd Bot Out Mod APK [Mod money]

Odd Bot Out Mod APK Info
Title Odd Bot Out
Package id com.martinmagni.oddbotoutpaid
Developer Martin Magni
Size 10.3 MB
Category Games

Help Odd Bot Out

Odd Bot Out is a puzzle game. In the game, Odd was thrown into a recycling factory. I don't know if it was due to a mistake or scrap. In short, the player needs to help Odd escape this place. In terms of details, players need to build bridges for Odd, build bikes, and even come up with a weird centipede robot to transport Odd to a safe location. In addition, as a puzzle game, the style of this work is fresh and simple, and the character design is clumsy and cute, which makes people involuntarily want to help Odd get rid of the sad fate. The gameplay of this game is very simple, but it is very interesting. You described a small robot named Odd who was unfortunately thrown into a robot recycling factory. All the player has to do is help Odd escape. The game is in the form of levels. In each level, we have to control the robot to use a combination of weird parts and mechanisms to reach the end. The operation is very simple, it can be done with one finger.

Odd Bot Out APK

Odd Bot Out APK

Descrition of Odd Bot Out

Odd is not like the other robots. After failing a standardized test Odd ends up in the recycling bin. Help Odd escape through the factory's 100 unique rooms. Each level in this contraption puzzle game presents a new challenge. Build a bridge across a (small) abyss. Design and drive an unsafe car. And ride a robotic centipede, like you always wanted to.

Odd Bot Out APK

Odd Bot Out APK

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