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Sculpt people Mod Apk 1.7 [Plus]

Sculpt people Mod APK 1.7 [Plus]

Sculpt people Mod APK Info
Title Sculpt people
Package id com.sdpgames.sculptpeople
Version 1.7
Developer Sdp Games
Size 25M
Category Simulation
Sculpt people is a free mobile game with sculpted clay characters launched by the game company Crazy Labs by TabTale. The player plays an experienced craftsman in the game. With his unique skills and rich experience, he creates well-crafted and realistic clay works for users who come to customize the clay head portrait. The three-dimensional presentation with great tension and the commendable look and feel of artworks provide players with a unique experience of gaming pleasure.

Game Highlights

Sculpt people, as an experience mobile game that helps players experience the profession of clay sculptor, presents players with different appearances of characters and animal clay sculpture production process, and each production step of clay sculpture is beautifully and realistically presented to players before. From the plasticity of the sculpture, the outline of the details, to the embellishment of the decoration, many steps are presented to the player, helping the player to gain more knowledge of the unknown field of the clay carver while making the sculpture. Exquisite shapes, realistic details, and rich elements are important features for Sculpt people to successfully gain players' attention.

Sculpt people Mod (mod money) APK

Featured Gameplay

Sculpt people's gameplay is very interesting, and has a more detailed operation presentation than the same type of simulation experience mobile game. Every step has a very real reduction effect, from the clay shaping, to the sculpting of facial organs, to the filling of the clay head details, which perfectly presents the various operations to the player, allowing the player to experience the experience as if they were personally sculpted. The pleasant sensation of the clay avatar makes the simulated experience of mobile games to the extreme, which greatly enhances the player's artistic aesthetic.

Sculpt people Mod (mod money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The graphic of Sculpt people is more extreme. Under the bright scenes in the game, it presents various shapes with bright colors. Through the operation of the player, the three-dimensional realistic clay head gradually evolves from a mass of mud to a real head shape. At the same time, it has not forgotten to add realistic light and shadow effects to the concave and convex details of the face, creating a virtual game experience comparable to the real world for players. The rich and varied accessories further enhance the realism of the game.

Sculpt people Mod (mod money) APK

Game reviews

Sculpt people provides players with an opportunity to get the actual face-squeezing experience. Compared with those games that claim to be able to pinch the face, the real face-squeezing is just to nest the shape with the concave and convex details on the already designed model. , And Sculpt people really provide players with a refreshing experience of squeezing their faces with their hands.

Sculpt people Mod (mod money) APK

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