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Shortcut Run Mod Apk 1.13 [Mod money]

Shortcut Run Mod APK 1.13 [Mod money]

Shortcut Run Mod APK Info
Title Shortcut Run
Package id com.ohmgames.cheatandrun
Version 1.13
Developer Voodoo
Size 92.77 MB
Category Racing
Shortcut Run is a casual action mobile game launched by the famous casual game publisher Voodoo. The game applies the gameplay of Stair Run, and change the original setting of climbing stairs to the water surface, which reduces the difficulty and enriches the fun of the game. When you play this game, you will feel this game is too familiar. The magical gameplay of this game full of temptation. But the diffculty of this game is so easy and simple.

Game Highlights

Shortcut Run is another casual game which full of ads launched by Voodoo. The game changed the setting of climbing stairs for the super-popular work Stair Run some time ago to the setting of laying bricks on the water. Other than that, there is almost no change, but this small change is huge. The difficulty of the game is reduced, the gameplay is more diverse, and the fun of the game has been greatly improved. Different from the setting of climbing stairs, the function of crossing rivers brings players a broader imagination space, allowing players to choose the path that suits them as they please. When there are enough bricks in hand, they will move forward. When the bricks are not enough, concentrate on collecting them.

Shortcut Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Shortcut Run is simple and efficient. Players need to reach the end line of the game in the shortest possible time to win. On the one hand, when the player has collected enough bricks, he can use the help of the bricks in his hand to act recklessly on the water and rush to the end; on the other hand, when the player has insufficient bricks, he can follow the level Go forward with the requirements of the game, and at the same time collect enough bricks, so that you have the capital to surpass your opponents, and reach the end of victory as soon as possible.

Shortcut Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The graphic of the game Shortcut Run continues Voodoo's classic stickman style. Wearing different styles of stickman, they move happily on the road to the end line, as if the bricks lifted by both hands have no weight. Although there is no setting to open a road in the mountains, there is really no pressure to build a bridge in water. The waves rising on the water are ingenious and realistic, and the figure of the stickman drifts back and forth as he walks. In the level, bricks of different colors are collected, and you can play this game with friends in the fun level. A relaxing experience for players.

Shortcut Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game reviews

From the actual experience, Shortcut Run continues the Voodoo magic game setting, with clever settings and funny gameplay, presenting a relaxing and pleasant game environment for players. Through the seemingly competitive game method, it attracts the attention of players, and with the combination of levels and competitions, it creates more fun for players and facilitates communication between players. Easy, simple, build, end, simple gameplay, efficient operation, smooth experience, and concise art style, so that players can easily learn and continue to enjoy.

Shortcut Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

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