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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod Apk 1.0 [Mod money]

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod APK 1.0 [Mod money]

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod APK Info
Title Stick Fight: The Game Mobile
Package id com.netease.ddsfna
Version 1.0
Developer Netease Games
Size 200.86 MB
Category Action
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a fighting game with stickman as the background. In the game, there is only one purpose, that is, you need to manipulate your thin stickman to defeat other players. Even though he is a thin stickman, he can have many postures, walking, jumping, prone, squatting, double jumping, climbing, as long as your walking position is magical, carrying the audience is not a dream. The simple image of the stickman allows you to distinguish friend from foe by color, which not only reduces the scope of image customization, but also reduces the cost of identification, so that everyone can focus on the confrontation. What are all those bells and whistles doing, those who can beat the opponent are good stickmen.

Game Highlights

In the game Stick Fight: The Game Mobile, if the player wants to beat other players, there are many ways. There are more than 20 kinds of weapons in the game, such as teleportation knives, Gatling, shotguns, and even weapons that can spray snakes...you can use these Weapons attack your opponents in the game. Of course, these weapons have a limit on the number of bullets. Run before you run out. But I thinks that the most powerful output in the game is probably all kinds of roars and hilarious laughs. Exciting battles, interesting effects, and seamless connection of up to 80 levels make people unable to stop at all, and enough randomness and complex terrain in the game have become a dice in front of you. Before the end, you don't know whether you will be crushed to death by a block of ice falling from the sky or you will be smashed.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod (mod menu) APK

Featured Gameplay

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile supports 2-4 players in local or online battles. There is no single player mode for the time being. Although you can match strangers online, I think it’s fun to play online with my friends. But it’s doubled. Think about four people in a dormitory playing this game together. In addition to competing with various shooting techniques, it’s not a good idea to routinely or counter-routine each other from time to time. For example, you can lie on the ground and pretend to be dead, etc. When a friend came over, he unexpectedly fell over his shoulder and threw him off the platform. Then the dormitory tonight is full of warm and friendly atmosphere. Some levels in the game have also joined boss battles. These bosses have thick skin and extensive damage. Therefore, while you are fighting each other, you can only temporarily cooperate to deal with the boss. Otherwise, you will be taken by the boss without you. One was eaten. Of course, this also means that you can eliminate opponents with the help of boss skills. So, if your little head is flexible enough, you can use these traps to dodge or stand by and seduce opponents quietly. Or simply be rude, just pick him up and throw it down.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod (mod menu) APK

Graphic and Sound

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile also has multiple themed terrains, such as forests, deserts, factories, castles, etc. These terrains are not just decorations, meteor hammers falling from the sky, suddenly broken floors, and lasers running through the entire screen. .. Various scenes of restlessness let you experience what is "Reaper is coming".

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod (mod menu) APK

Game reviews

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a multiplayer online fighting mobile game featuring magical and joyful fighting themes. In the game, players can control stickmen for 2-4 person fighting duels. Gravity feedback based on real physics will let you Positioning, jumping, attacking and defense are all magical. The "toxic" brain is absolutely beyond imagination, making you want to stop. It is a mobile game that is very suitable for "harming each other" between friends. A game in a few minutes can be opened happily anytime, anywhere. Players need to use all means to attack their opponents, in addition to a mess with their bare hands, they can also rely on weapons that are randomly refreshed on the map. The game has dozens of wonderful maps. While attacking opponents unscrupulously, players also need to avoid unexpected traps. For example, a meteor hammer falling from the sky, a floor that suddenly shattered, or a laser that penetrates the entire screen. Killing in various scenes caught off guard, and the fun of ten million ways to die makes you unstoppable!

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod (mod menu) APK

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