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Stone Miner Mod Apk 2.3 [Mod money]

Stone Miner Mod APK 2.3 [Mod money]

Stone Miner Mod APK Info
Title Stone Miner
Package id com.hollowdogs.stonegrinder
Version 2.3
Developer Sergei Stepanov
Size 116.78 MB
Category Simulation
Stone Miner is a casual free mobile game for mining theme simulation business launched by ZPLAY games. In the game, players drive powerful mining carts to crush stones, collect resources, and transport them to the base to sell them to upgrade their mine carts. As the level of mine carts increases, players will go to various types of islands, collect rare ores, build their own bases, and build their own powerful mining towns.

Game Highlights

Stone Miner, as an ultra-casual mobile game with a mining theme, suddenly reminds us of the previous mobile game BlockBreakerMiner, a similar type of mining simulation management mobile game. This game also focuses on mining mines and building towns. However, the two are essentially different. In the core gameplay, the mechanized drawing operation in this game replaces the manual mining operation in a fixed location in BlockBreakerMiner; in terms of town construction, BlockBreakerMiner is more rich and detailed than this game. Winner. Of course, the styles of the two paintings are not the same, here it can only be the radish and cabbage each have their own love.

Stone Miner Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Stone Miner is very addictive. Players drive mining carts on many islands with rich products, transport all kinds of ore cultivated back to the base for sale, and at the same time upgrade their own mines by upgrading rollers, loads and other settings. Car strength. During the mining process, the mine cart can be faster, more loaded, and easier to dig. When the excavation of an island is completed, a brand new island can be opened to make persistent efforts.

Stone Miner Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

Stone Miner's art adopts cute cartoon settings. Although the character is slightly different in delicacy, the satisfaction that is flooded everywhere captures the hearts of players anytime and anywhere. After all, it is very satisfying to collect all kinds of mines frantically until they reach the upper limit of mine carts. On the other hand, in the art setting of minerals, the game also provides a wealth of settings, from the color matching to the material setting, each mineral has its own unique characteristics.

Stone Miner Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game Reviews

Stone Miner starts from the subject of mining mining, pays more attention to the mining and collection of ore in the core gameplay creation, pays attention to guiding the player’s hands-on ability, and actively promotes the presentation of the action gameplay; however, it has been weakened to a certain extent in the simulation operation. Minecart upgrades account for a huge amount of revenue, and so far, there are only four buildings in the town, two of which require players to reach a certain level before they can be opened.

Stone Miner Mod (unlimited money) APK

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