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Arrow Fest Mod Apk 7.3.1 [Mod money]

Arrow Fest Mod APK 7.3.1 [Mod money]

Arrow Fest Mod APK Info
Title Arrow Fest
Package id com.nanotribe.games.arrowfest
Version 7.3.1
Developer Rollic Games
Size 98.07 MB
Category Action
Arrow Fest is a bow and arrow theme action parkour casual free game launched by Rollic Games. In the game, the player controls the arrows to choose a suitable route, expands the number of themselves in the process of parkour, and destroys the enemies on the way forward, and obtains the largest number of arrows at the end of the level to kill all enemies and become one Master of flying arrows.

Game Highlights

Arrow Fest is not new in core gameplay. The previously introduced Crowd Battle 3D has effectively combined parkour and puzzle gameplay. Compared with Arrow Fest, Arrow Fest has changed the protagonist from a stickman to a flying arrow, while reducing various obstacles in the process of customs clearance. For players, the fun and difficulty of the game have been reduced to a certain extent, and no adjustments have been made to the setting of the bottom.

Arrow Fest Mod (mod money) APK

Featured Gameplay

Arrow Fest’s gameplay effectively combines parkour dodge and puzzle calculations. In addition to avoiding various obstacles and killing enemies, the most important thing for players on the way forward is to judge the best route through calculations. , So that the number of flying arrows has been greatly expanded, so that more enemies can be killed at the end of the level, and the number of gold coins earned can be maximized. Every second-choice opportunity is an opportunity for players' earnings to soar.

Arrow Fest Mod (mod money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The screen of Arrow Fest can be described as concise, simple and simple. In the game, except for some stickman characters that appear as obstacles, almost no humanoid characters appear. The players control only standard arrows, even if there are hundreds of them. The way the arrows are presented is also very compact. The setting of some of the second-choice thresholds in the level is also more compact than similar games, perhaps to improve the difficulty of level design.

Arrow Fest Mod (mod money) APK

Game Reviews

Arrow Fest is a new type of mobile game that combines action parkour and leisure and puzzle. It takes flying arrows as the protagonist. It combines parkour and puzzle gameplay, allowing players to encounter choices in the process of parkour. At the same time, the interaction of calculation is added, which increases the difficulty of the game and enhances the entertainment of the game. As a parkour game that has developed very mature and the themes converge on various types of parkour, the new experience that bursts out after combining with puzzle gameplay may lead a brand new wave.

Arrow Fest Mod (mod money) APK

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