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Idle Maggots Mod Apk 2.5 [Mod money]

Idle Maggots Mod APK 2.5 [Mod money]

Idle Maggots Mod APK Info
Title Idle Maggots
Package id com.funcell.idlemaggots
Version 2.5
Developer Funcell Games Pvt Ltd
Size 160.05 MB
Category Simulation
Idle Maggots is a free mobile game launched by Funcell Game Pvt Ltd. It takes maggots as the theme of idle simulation management. In the game, players control maggots to eat the carcasses of various creatures, from small animals living in the city to various seafood in the ocean, even large animals in the forest. In the game, players can increase the speed of maggots, increase the number of maggots, and expand the appetite of maggots, speed up the eating speed of maggots, and make the game more efficient.

Game Highlights

Idle Maggots is a simulated business game with a placement theme. It is slightly different in the theme and not very friendly to domestic players, but from a biological point of view, it has the same features as the previously introduced Idle Ants. . The biggest difference between the two is that the protagonist has changed from ants to maggots, and the items carried have also changed from various foods to animal corpses. In addition, the two differ only slightly in details. Even the three attributes developed are exactly the same.

Idle Maggots Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Idle Maggots is very simple. You only need to buy maggots, and the cuties will automatically cannibalize various animal carcasses in the level. Of course, in order to increase the efficiency of cannibalization, you can choose to increase the number, upgrade speed, and expand the appetite of the maggots, so that the efficiency of cannibalization can be increased. In each level, the corpse of a common creature is prepared. If you want to skip the current level, there is no way, you can easily start subsequent levels by watching the advertisement. Of course, to open a new area, you still have to open all the relevant cards in the current area.

Idle Maggots Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The picture of Idle Maggots can be described as lifelike. In the micro world, the eating process of weight reduction is reproduced leisurely. The cartoon scene greatly reduces the visual discomfort of the player. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with the subject matter of this game, then you will definitely not see this kind of article. Nevertheless, the game still provides players with real scenes and delicate pictures. To be honest, if you think of these maggots as ants, the game itself is pretty cute.

Idle Maggots Mod (unlimited money) APK

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