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Imposter Killer Mod Apk 0.3.3 [Mod money]

Imposter Killer Mod APK 0.3.3 [Mod money]

Imposter Killer Mod APK Info
Title Imposter Killer
Package id com.os.falcon.innplay.dark.ninja.assassin
Version 0.3.3
Developer Onesoft Global Pte Ltd
Size 79.92 MB
Category Action
Imposter Killer is an action casual free mobile game launched by the game company ONESOFT Global PET.LTD. The player plays an assassin in the game. The goal is to kill all the crew on the ship in a confined space. With various experience, the player carefully kills all the crew on the ship without being discovered by others. The gameplay resembles Hunter Assassin, the style is similar to Among Us, and the simpler and more interesting level design makes the game more popular among users.

Game Highlights

The biggest feature of Imposter Killer is that it resembles the art style of Among Us. The gameplay is very similar to the game Hunter Assassin. Bright scenes, three-dimensional shapes, gorgeous colors, and fun levels from easy to difficult, bring players a more interesting and relaxing game experience. Players can enjoy this interesting and fascinating action game in the levels of the game, and the player's goal only needs to kill all the crew members in the spacecraft without attracting the attention of others to pass each level smoothly.

Imposter Killer Mod (free shopping) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Imposter Killer is similar to Hunter Assassin. From the basic gameplay and functions of the two games, there are at least two crew members in each level waiting for the player to kill. The order of killing requires the player to think about. Seeing the killing process by other crew members will cause concern and cause the level to fail. The ingeniously designed killing process can help players smoothly pass various levels.

Imposter Killer Mod (free shopping) APK

Graphic and Sound

Imposter Killer's style is also very similar to Among Us, but the overall scene and characters have been transferred from 2D graphic art to 3D three-dimensional art modeling. The transformation of art style does not change the fundamentals of the scene. The background of the game is still limited to a confined space that resembles a spaceship. In addition, the three-dimensional character modeling and realistic setting of the scene bring players a more realistic gaming experience.

Imposter Killer Mod (free shopping) APK

Game reviews

Imposter Killer is not so much an action game, as it is a fun puzzle game to be more accurate. Regardless of the level, players need to consider the sequence of killings in the process of killing crew members to prevent other crew members from being discovered during the killing process and causing the level to fail. Of course, if you have not discovered the rules of the game, then one or two failed attempts is enough to understand the simple rules in the game.

Imposter Killer Mod (free shopping) APK

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