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DIY Makeup Mod Apk 0.6.1 [Mod money]

DIY Makeup Mod APK 0.6.1 [Mod money]

DIY Makeup Mod APK Info
Title DIY Makeup
Package id com.crazylabs.diy.make.up
Version 0.6.1
Developer Crazy Labs By Tabtale
Category Simulation
DIY Makeup is a free casual mobile game based on the simulation experience of making cosmetics on makeup theme launched by Crazy Labs by TabTale. Players play as a master makeup artist in the game and make all kinds of cosmetics by themselves, from masks to blushes, and make all kinds of natural green cosmetics with the help of various videos to add beautiful colors to their prosperous beauty.

Game Highlights

DIY Makeup seems to be experiencing the exquisite makeup process, but actually chose to focus on the production of cosmetics. At this point, it has similarities with the jade masters released by the domestic manufacturer Ohayoo. In the game, players use raw materials such as avocado and raspberry to mix and process with crayons, coconut oil and other raw materials to create incredible cosmetics to decorate their own beautiful beauty. Decorate yourself with cosmetics made by yourself. This experience is a dream for many female users.

DIY Makeup Mod (unlocked) APK

Featured Gameplay

DIY Makeup adopts a standardized simulation experience gameplay process. The game provides the process of making special cosmetics such as avocado mask and raspberry blush. It provides players with the opportunity to make special cosmetics by themselves, while also presenting some opportunities for players. Simple cosmetic processing method that can be made at home. If you are really interested in homemade cosmetics, you can learn from the various operations in the level and try it yourself under the guidance of professionals. After all, in addition to the uniqueness of the cosmetics made by oneself, the sense of accomplishment is also very tempting.

DIY Makeup Mod (unlocked) APK

Graphic and Sound

DIY Makeup uses a realistic full 3D three-dimensional picture, the characters, scenes, and props in the game are presented in a realistic form, which provides a solid foundation for the player's simulation experience. Whether it is melting crayons, pouring coconut oil, digging avocados, breaking raspberries, players need to use various containers to complete them, and the pots and pans corresponding to these simulated operations, and even various small electrical appliances, You can get a realistic experience in the game.

DIY Makeup Mod (unlocked) APK

Game reviews

DIY Makeup can be seen as an alternative attempt by Crazy Labs by TabTale. Previously, the company launched Acrylic Nails!, a user-division exquisite makeup mobile game, and brought players a realistic simulation makeup experience. The DIY Makeup launched this time starts with the production process of cosmetics and is committed to creating a realistic handmade cosmetics making experience. It looks like a complete product, but it divides the game's service groups very accurately and old. It can be said that they have really found their own way on this kind of women's track.

DIY Makeup Mod (unlocked) APK

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