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Doodle Run 3D Mod Apk 1.6.2 [Unlimited money]

Doodle Run 3D Mod APK 1.6.2 [Unlimited money]

Doodle Run 3D Mod APK Info
Title Doodle Run 3D
Package id com.h8games.DoodleRun3D
Version 1.6.2
Developer Voodoo
Size 83 MB
Category Action
Wacky Run is an action casual free mobile game launched by the famous game publisher Voodoo. Players will control a cute sausage in the game, and compete fiercely in the obstacle course with millions of crazy players from all over the world. You can learn it in one second, and it will be updated every week. Fun levels allow the vitality of the game to continue.

Game Highlights

The biggest feature of Wacky Run is its diversified obstacle levels. The game provides many interesting items in the variety show obstacle course, and has also designed many cute levels that cannot be achieved in the real world. As a mapping of the virtual world, the cute character of sausage not only provides players with interesting shapes, but also provides various operation methods, such as slowing down and recovering after cutting, and climbing desperately after being knocked down. Actions give the game more variety and fun.

Wacky Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Wacky Run can be described as extremely simple. We mentioned earlier that the gameplay can be started in a second, and you will learn it in one second; you can control the sausage to run forward by tapping the screen. Even children of two or three years old can do it Respond easily. When simple gameplay meets clever settings, the fun of the game is infinitely magnified. Unlike similar games where obstacles are encountered and forced to pause or even return to the starting point, Sausage even encounters obstacles in the game. , It will also crawl forward indefinitely, even if part of the body is lost, it can recover in a short time, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the game, improves the fun of the game, and makes the game experience more suitable for all ages.

Wacky Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The graphic of Wacky Run uses a three-dimensional scene with a 45-degree angle, a bright and realistic game scene, a cleverly conceived obstacle design, and a mouth-watering sausage shape to create a relaxed and cheerful cartoon world, combined with various funny, Interesting obstacle levels bring players all kinds of fun.

Wacky Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game reviews

Wacky Run provides a free rule setting. After being killed by almost all obstacles, the character will have a body that is mutilated but still able to move forward. This makes the user can choose to go through the game without any progress, after all, even if the obstacle is Obstacles can also linger courageously. Of course, smart players will choose to cleverly avoid various obstacles, reach the end with higher efficiency and faster speed, and win the championship of the current level. After all, only through the current level can you enter more magical new levels, and the new levels launched every week will always give players the desire to explore.

Wacky Run Mod (unlimited money) APK

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