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Going Balls Mod Apk 1.2 [Mod money]

Going Balls Mod APK 1.2 [Mod money]

Going Balls Mod APK Info
Title Going Balls
Package id com.pronetis.ironball2
Version 1.2
Developer Pronetis Games
Size 182.25 MB
Category Casual
Going Balls is a fun casual free bowling game launched by the game company Supersonic Studios LTD. Players control a bowling ball with an uncertain future in the game, advance through levels full of traps and obstacles, and finally reach the end.

Game Highlights

Going Balls pioneered the combination of bowling and barrier play. With the well-known shape of bowling balls and cleverly designed obstacle levels, it provides players with a relaxing and comfortable game pleasure. The bowling balls in the game are rich in types, complete in styles, and very complicated in color patterns. The well-designed obstacles in the levels are even more difficult for players to extricate themselves. Whether it is an obstacle to reduce the speed of bowling, or a gold coin for players to increase points, or a clever single bridge, it is enough for players to enjoy the game experience and gain at the same time. Great fun.

Going Balls Mod (unlimited money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Going Balls can be described as hands-on. You can move the bowling ball back and forth by sliding the screen. The forward speed of the ball is directly related to the speed of the sliding screen. When the player encounters danger in the level, he can even pause the football by tapping the screen. , To avoid the dangers that appear in the level.

Going Balls Mod (unlimited money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The screen of Going Balls uses a full 3D style that resembles a simulated mobile game experience, and the realistic physical effects add a touch of lifelike color to the game. Bright scenes, bright colors, realistic rolling effects, and colorful bowling appearances all make players eye-opening in the game, and even simply collecting various appearances is enough to make players indulge in them for a while.

Going Balls Mod (unlimited money) APK

Game reviews

The gameplay of Going Balls is slightly conservative. Whether it is the bowling ball as the protagonist in the game, or the presentation of the overall style and details of the game, there is a feeling of going back to the past. On the one hand, today when the protagonist is anthropomorphized and the stickman shape is widely acclaimed, the classic shape of bowling has become the preference of senior users; on the other hand, simple level scenes and illusory visual effects have gradually replaced the rich details , More realistic game graphics, and is favored by a new generation of gamers. As a result, "Going Balls" has not been enthusiastic by more young players nowadays from the beginning.

Going Balls Mod (unlimited money) APK

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