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Granny 3 Mod Apk 1.1.1 [Mod money]

Granny 3 Mod APK 1.1.1 [Mod money]

Granny 3 Mod APK Info
Title Granny 3
Package id com.DVloper.Granny3
Version 1.1.1
Developer Dvloper
Size 96.19 MB
Category Arcade
Granny 3 is a new horror game launched by the famous horror game developer DVloper. This game is the latest in the Granny series. This game extends the gameplay of the first two games, but the difficulty has increased. First of all, The house gets bigger and it becomes more difficult for players to escape. Secondly, this game adds a new horror character Slendrina. These changes make this game more exciting and more fun.

Game Highlights

The feature of the Granny 3 game is that when you play this game, you will be enveloped by a huge horror atmosphere. With the addition of a terrifying soundtrack, the rendered atmosphere is even more terrifying. Granny Horror has prepared some terrible stories and screaming sounds, which will let you experience what the real horror is. After you play our Horror Granny 3 game for a long time, you will understand the bitterness and pain behind it.

Granny 3 Mod (mod menu) APK

Featured Gameplay

In this game, players need to continue to fight against grandma, grandpa and granddaughter, and survive for five days in a dark room. Players need to be authenticated to search for props clues to experience the most thrilling room escape. Players also need to get rid of grandma’s tracking and walk flexibly You can quickly hide away. Players can choose different modes, and the speed of grandma's actions is different. Take good care. Players can choose to wear headphones, be prepared to be scared, and start the adventure.

Granny 3 Mod (mod menu) APK

Graphic and Sound

The screen of this game Granny 3 is mainly night-based, so the screen is dim. The terrifying and eerie environment, lighting and sound effects in the game create a terrifying ghost film atmosphere. The player only has five days, and you only have the solution. Solve puzzles to escape from the cabin. Grandma can hear all sounds in the game, so please keep absolutely quiet and don’t make any noises.

Granny 3 Mod (mod menu) APK

Game Reviews

Horror Granny 3 is an escape game full of horror atmosphere. Quiet, quiet. Be quiet. Be sure to keep quiet. Don't make any noise. Users need to explore and find props in the room to help them escape from the room. During this process, be sure to keep quiet and don't wake up the grandma. If you see the grandmother during the exploration, run, run fast, find a place to hide, and don't be found. The overall style of the game is grayish, and the chilling music and sound effects make you not only feel like you are there.

Granny 3 Mod (mod menu) APK

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