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Life of Mellow Mod Apk 0.59 [Mod money]

Life of Mellow Mod APK 0.59 [Mod money]

Life of Mellow Mod APK Info
Title Life of Mellow
Package id com.mondayoff.mellow
Version 0.59
Developer Mondayoff
Size 69.23 MB
Category Simulation
Life of Mellow is a very interesting casual simulation game developed by the Korean game company MondayOFF. This game allows players to experience the peace and fun of country life. The game screen is very simple and the colors of the game are used Very available. Players can feel the change of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The characters in the game are small and cute. This game experience is very good, but this game itself has many drawbacks, that is, there are a lot of content that needs to be paid, and many players can’t experience it The complete game.

Game Highlights

The Life of Mellow game has similarities with many simulation games. The gameplay is very similar to The Bonfire 2, but there are also differences. Life of Mellow only emphasizes the gathering of characters and the construction of houses, and there is no invasion of other creatures. There is no need to build any defensive buildings. Life of Mellow has no day and night changes, only the four seasons. Another feature of Life of Mellow is that the resources are limited, and players need to use resources rationally, once the resources are developed , The game will end. Compared with other similar simulation games, Life of Mellow will be easier to play.

Life of Mellow Mod (unlocked) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Life of Mellow is relatively simple. Players need to gather more characters to join their villages. Then players need to allocate the work of each character reasonably. This game has an advantage, all characters can do any work, players only need to do each work The number of people is allocated. There are a lot of jobs in this game. There are builders, tree fellers, miners, hunters, farmers, and craftsmen. Players can allocate work reasonably according to the needs of the villagers. The goal of the game is to live. The longer the better.

Life of Mellow Mod (unlocked) APK

Graphic and Sound

Life of Mellow is a colorful game. The colors and scenes displayed by the game in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are completely different. Each season has its own characteristics. It is very in line with the real world scene. The game shows all details in place. From the trees, Houses, grassland to characters, animals are all lifelike. Although the structure of this game is relatively simple, the graphics are very beautiful and very real.

Life of Mellow Mod (unlocked) APK

Game Reviews

Aside from other aspects of the game, Life of Mellow is a rare casual simulation game. The quality of the game is much higher than the quality of most casual games. This game is currently under development. We don’t know about the various adjustments of the game. For now, the quality of this game is very high, but the disadvantages are also very obvious. First of all, players need to pay to experience the full version of the game. There are many buildings that can only be enjoyed by paying users . The second is that the resources in the game are very limited, absolutely not enough to use, it is easy for players to lose interest in playing this game.

Life of Mellow Mod (unlocked) APK

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