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Roof Rails Mod Apk 1.4 [Mod money]

Roof Rails Mod APK 1.4 [Mod money]

Roof Rails Mod APK Info
Title Roof Rails
Package id com.pixelbox.roofrails
Version 1.4
Developer Voodoo
Size 55.99 MB
Category Casual
Roof Rails is a casual time-killing game launched by the game developer Voodo. The gameplay is relatively new. In the game, you need to collect wood to increase the length of your wood. There will be various obstacles on the road to shorten your hand The wood in your hand is very helpful when passing the suspended track. If the wood is too short, you will fall off and the game ends. Roof Rails is a casual game that requires players to have a certain degree of operational ability and reaction ability. This game is worth playing.

Game Highlights

Roof Rails, like other Voodo games, is a casual game that kills time. Roof Rails's gameplay is relatively new. The operation difficulty is moderate, not very difficult, but not very simple. The game is challenging. It is not the kind of game that can be passed casually. The picture of Roof Rails continues the usual style of other Voodo games, and the picture is simple and realistic. The gameplay is the characteristic of this game. In the game, your goal is to reach the end through various obstacles. You need to use the wood in your hand to slide in the air. You need to make sure that the handcrafted wood is long enough to not fall. There are other obstacles in the game, some cut wood short, some kill the player. You need to pass these obstacles directly to the end to get the final victory. On the way, you can collect diamonds. I don’t know what the diamonds are useful for, but they may be useful later.

Roof Rails Mod (free to skip level) APK

Featured Gameplay

The Roof Rails gameplay is very attractive. Once you are exposed to this game, you can't help but want to experience it and see how many levels you can pass. In the game, the player will act as a stickman holding a wood. Players need to collect wood on the road to increase the length of wood in their hands. The longer the length, the better. There are various obstacles on the road, such as a chainsaw, which cuts the wood in the player's hand. Once the wood in your hand is cut short, don't worry, go ahead and collect the wood. There will be air tracks in the game, and players need to use the wood in their hands to slide. Once the wood is too short, it will fall. During the game, players can also collect various diamonds. At the final finish line, players can double according to their sliding length. All in all, the gameplay of this game is charming, very challenging, and suitable for players of all ages.

Roof Rails Mod (free to skip level) APK

Graphic and Sound

The game screen is quite simple, similar to other Voodoo games. The game uses stickman style. This game currently does not have any background music. The game settings are similar to parkour games, with a track. The background color of the game is colorful and very gorgeous.

Roof Rails Mod (free to skip level) APK

Game reviews

Overall, The Roof Rails is a very distinctive Voodoo game. The gameplay is refreshing. Whenever you play this game, you will feel rushed, afraid of falling or touching something. The Roof Rails game screen remains Consistently simple style. This game is not difficult to get started, and you can master it quickly. As for whether you play well or not, it all depends on the player's control ability. All in all, this is a very interesting game to kill time.

Roof Rails Mod (free to skip level) APK

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