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Samorost 2 Mod Apk 0.32.0 [Mod money]

Samorost 2 Mod APK 0.32.0 [Mod money]

Samorost 2 Mod APK Info
Title Samorost 2
Package id net.amanita_design.Samorost2
Version 0.32.0
Developer Amanita Design
Category Adventure

Samorost 2 is coming to mobile device

Samorost 2 is a cute game similar to Mr. Sleepwalking. It mainly tells a boy and a dog living on a planet with only two of them and a house. One day the puppy was captured by aliens, so the owner embarked on an adventure journey back to the puppy. The flash pictures are beautiful and interesting, and the music is soothing. The artistic level of the picture is superb, and it perfectly creates an alien world full of fantastic ideas, various peculiar institutions and characters, and constructs an adventure journey completely different from the real world. Although the game is made with Flash, it is not inferior in terms of screen performance. The music effects used in the game are as mysterious and interesting as its theme. The background is a quiet space, and the various sound effects of alien creatures add infinite vitality to this wonderful adventure. The gameplay is simple, and the attraction of players is entirely related to unexpected puzzles. Sometimes a small problem will stump you, but when you discover the connection between them, you will suddenly open up and feel endless fun.

Samorost 2 Mod APK

Samorost 2 Mod APK

Game featues of Samorost 2

- Enhanced graphics with full-screen support
- A bunch of game design tweaks
- Revamped save system (no more level codes!)
- New zoom feature
- Achievements

Samorost 2 Mod APK

Samorost 2 Mod APK

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