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Voodoo Doll Mod Apk 0.45 [Mod money]

Voodoo Doll Mod APK 0.45 [Mod money]

Voodoo Doll Mod APK Info
Title Voodoo Doll
Package id com.Pizia.VoodooDoll
Version 0.45
Developer Pizia
Size 113M
Category Arcade
Voodoo Doll is a tricky casual decompression free game launched by the well-known game company Lion Studios. The player plays a female character with a cursed doll in the game, and uses the cursed doll to trick friends, solve opponents, and enjoy the fun of pranks in daily life. In each level, there are many different nodes for players to choose, and different choices will bring completely different results.

Game Highlights

Voodoo Doll seems to be a casual decompression game with simple gameplay and strong autonomy, but it brings players a brand new gaming experience through a rich and coherent plot, interesting and funny choices, and fascinating content feedback. In Voodoo Doll, you don’t have to think about any problems, you don’t need to give feedback in a hurry, and you don’t need to be nervous about failing the current level because of wrong choices or operations. Just enjoy the satisfaction of your own choice and let yourself relax.

Voodoo Doll Mod (free ads rewards) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Voodoo Doll draws on the recently popular two-choice mode. Each node player can choose one of 3 or 5 cursed parts to achieve their goals. After the player completes the curse, he will receive corresponding curse feedback due to different nodes selected. These feedbacks may be spoofed, hurt, or even betrayed. In addition, in different scenes, players will also play other unique roles. If you were still playing a male role one second, you may need to make a decision as a female character in the next second.

Voodoo Doll Mod (free ads rewards) APK

Graphic and Sound

Voodoo Doll's screen adopts a 3D stereoscopic style similar to a simulated mobile game. The scenes, characters, and even the doll shape when the curse is cast are all presented in a 3D stereoscopic shape. In terms of viewing angle switching, Voodoo Doll also incorporates a dynamic perspective similar to that of a movie and TV series. From the perspective to the close-up, from the front camera to the back camera, the stretching of various scenes and the rotation of the camera can all be experienced in the game. Therefore, Voodoo Doll can also be enjoyed as a film and television drama of your own choice.

Voodoo Doll Mod (free ads rewards) APK

Game Reviews

Voodoo Doll is more like a fun game developed on the basis of Prank Master 3D. Compared with Prank Master 3D, which has a single protagonist and purely prank theme, Voodoo Doll is more like a game with multiple choices , The decompression mobile game that the protagonist can switch at any time. Players in Voodoo Doll do not need to consider the failure caused by selection errors, because no matter which part the player chooses, they will get the corresponding curse feedback without exception. Of course, these feedbacks may be mischief or some help.

Voodoo Doll Mod (free ads rewards) APK

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