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Z Escape Mod Apk 1.6.1 [Mod money]

Z Escape Mod APK 1.6.1 [Mod money]

Z Escape Mod APK Info
Title Z Escape
Package id com.yorfstudio.sea
Version 1.6.1
Developer Yorf Studio
Size 50M
Category Action
Z Escape is a free survivor-themed action shooting game launched by HOMA Games. In the game, players incarnate as special forces on helicopters, with the help of guns to aid their escaped characters, and help them come to various enemies along the way, save as many people as possible, and make full use of various environments to rescue more People. The brand-new perspective, extremely challenging gameplay, concise graphics, and real and cruel reality allow players to experience the trick of fate firsthand.

Game Highlights

Z Escape is an alternative action shooting mobile game. Although the theme is to rescue survivors, it is difficult to rescue all the survivors in many cases. Unlike other similar games that are in the front line, the players are very On a safe helicopter, the survivors are supported by powerful firepower. Despite this large-scale enemy, players still need to rely on various environments in the level to help survivors survive as much as possible.

Z Escape Mod (mod money) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Z Escape seems to be an ordinary action shooting, but it requires the player to control the environment at all times. With the help of foreign objects such as powder barrels and iron balls, it can cause a devastating effect on the enemy at the right opportunity, thereby reducing the impact of the huge number of enemies. The damage caused by the survivors, after all, the number of survivors is limited, and when all the survivors die, the level will be judged as a failure. Although players can gain victory by sacrificing some survivors in the game, they will lose more lives in the real world.

Z Escape Mod (mod money) APK

Graphic and Sound

The screen of Z Escape adopts the popular stickman shape. In view of the special background settings of the game, all the cards in the game adopt a 45-degree downward angle of the game perspective. The player seems to be sitting on a helicopter. Although the player's own safety has been thoroughly guaranteed, the survivors who were hunted and killed in the distance will still make people feel excited. Standardized stickman shape, simple road design, unexpected auxiliary props, and a large number of enemies suddenly appear, creating a thrilling game look and feel through simple settings.

Z Escape Mod (mod money) APK

Game reviews

Z Escape can be regarded as a very cool game. It is cool when shooting. The angle of view in the air allows you to completely worry about your own safety. It is very cool when rescuing, watching a large number of enemies chase survivors. The screen, with the help of powerful firepower to kill them, completely aroused the players' blood. Nevertheless, the clever settings such as oil barrels and iron balls in the game will still attract the attention of players who still have a trace of rationality and brains.

Z Escape Mod (mod money) APK

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