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Heroes Inc! Mod Apk 0.3.2 [Mod money]

Heroes Inc! Mod APK 0.3.2 [Mod money]

Heroes Inc! Mod APK Info
Title Heroes Inc!
Package id com.blueflamingo.herolab
Version 0.3.2
Developer Blue Flamingo Studios
Size 77M
Category Arcade
Heroes Inc! is a superman-themed action free mobile game launched by Blue Flamingo Studios. Players play the role of a superhuman laboratory with high-tech capabilities in the game, giving ordinary people two or more powerful superpowers to help them break through various levels. Various super powers can also be collected in the level to provide players with more super power combinations.

Game Highlights

The core gameplay of Heroes Inc! is exciting. The biggest feature is that players can combine various superpowers to get different game experiences. At the same time, the levels in the game can also collect a variety of coveted new superpowers. , Which derives a strange combination of super powers. Of course, a pure combination of super powers cannot satisfy the curiosity of players. After the two different super powers are combined, you can go to the level to appreciate the characteristics of your new combination of super powers. The combination of dynamic and static gameplay can satisfy the curiosity of the players, allow the game to derive many gameplays, and satisfy the players to experience the thrill of combining their superpowers.

Heroes Inc! Mod (unlocked) APK

Featured Gameplay

The gameplay of Heroes Inc! is divided into two parts. The biggest highlight is the super power combination before entering the level. Any two super powers in the game can be combined into powerful super powers, steel skin, ice, giant power, and laser Other superpowers provide players with a variety of combinations space. With the opening of levels, there are more superpowers that attract players. With rich and colorful super powers, there must also be enough room to play. In addition to basic damage, enemies in different levels also set the attributes of weaknesses, so that players can make targeted combinations.

Heroes Inc! Mod (unlocked) APK

Graphic and Sound

Compared with the innovative gameplay, the screen of Heroes Inc! is relatively simple, and the characters in the game are completely in the form of stickman. However, in order to optimize the user experience, when the player's super-powered character acquires physical abilities such as freezing and flame, the corresponding physical effect will be shown on the surface of the character, which also makes the seemingly simple character more realistic. Of course, if you want to get richer and more powerful superpowers, you still need players to go through more levels and actively collect them.

Heroes Inc! Mod (unlocked) APK

Game reviews

Heroes Inc! puts the focus of the game on super power combinations and mining. Compared with the fun super power combinations, the various battles in the level are slightly more watery, plus the lack of common attacks, skill attacks, etc. The subtle operation reduces the player experience in the game level. However, compared to players who collect various superpowers and are committed to trying various combinations of superpowers, this weakness is not a major concern.

Heroes Inc! Mod (unlocked) APK

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